What is Zeeds?


Zeeds is an application that aims to build meaning in peoples lives, by helping them identify and act in line with deep rooted values. As users start to act in line with meaningful behaviors, they are able to grow plants in a virtual garden.

This is done by scaling up validated psychological science, to build a fun, intuitive and minimalistic platform to achieve that goal.

More information on the science behind the platform can be found on the page called Science. In the news-page you will also be able to find articles explaining and reviewing studies connected to meaning, habit formation, the state of eHealth platforms and many other related subjects.

Why should I use it?


Mental health is of increasing concern to governments and societies around the world. The World Health Organization estimates that the direct and indirect costs of mental health approximates to 1000 billion dollars - a figure that is expected to triple to 2030 if trends continue.

Meaning is a central process in peoples daily lives - an existential problem you might even call it. Research seems to show that turning to ones deep-rooted values for guidance on how to act in the world, might build a foundation for a more meaningful life. This we hope will help people around the world strengthen their ability to go through life with purpose, excitement and engagement.

Establish habits in areas such as:

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Work Life



The Zeeds Team

Sara Wallén


Mamduh Halawa


Advisor & CEO of MindMore

CEO & Psychologist Student

Kajsa Olsson

Business Developer

Lisa Caspersson


UX Designer

Patrik Rikama-Hinnenberg


Software Developer