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Andreas Dammert Joins the Zeeds Board

Zeeds App AB welcomes Andreas Dammert as a new board member. Andreas Dammert has extensive experience and has held leading positions within EY and KPMG, where his focus has been on Operations, Corporate Finance, Management Consulting and Tech.

"His competence when it comes to building a structure that at all times focuses on customer value, will be of great value for us." says Mamduh Halawa, Chairman and CEO of Zeeds.

"Zeeds has a very exciting solution for a market where change is both necessary and in need. Through Zeeds solution, there is clear value in terms of both effectiveness and cost savings, but also a clear ambition of contributing value for treatment outcomes within CBT. These are values that I am especially excited about contributing to." says Andreas Dammert.

"With the help of Andreas we look forward to build a clear structure for the next years of the company, especially when it comes to capital structure and operative processes ."says Mamduh Halawa, Chairman and CEO of Zeeds.

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