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News from the Digitalization of Healthcare conference

Last week we visited a conference addressing the topic “Digitization of Healthcare/EU ambitions and challenges” at the Karolinska Hospital. The lectures were focusing on two main topics,

1.) benefits and challenges in establishing a unified European Health Data Space (EHDS)

and 2.) developments in data-driven healthcare and precision medicine.

The European Health Data Space is an idea rooted in the EU proposal published on 3rd May 2022 describing an EU-wide, a health specific ecosystem that aims to

  1. support individuals in taking control over their health data

  2. and enable the use of health data to improve healthcare, research, innovation and policy making

by offering a safe and secure processing environment for the exchange, use and reuse of data. (Prop, 2022/0140)

Precision medicine is an approach within health care that aims to find out as much as possible about a patient's individual characteristics and circumstances and based on this make the most accurate diagnosis and choose the best possible treatment - often using artificial intelligence -. Until now, precision medicine has mostly been applied to physiological illnesses (e.g. cancer), relying to a large extent on genomics and proteomics. However, considering the complexity of factors that play a role in the development and maintenance of mental problems, such a data-driven approach to treatment has the potential to significantly improve the effectiveness of psychotherapy as well.

If you would like to know more about what we learned at the conference and how we at Zeeds contribute to the development of EHDS and use of precision medicine in psychotherapy, feel free to contact us and subscribe to our newsletter.


Prop, 2022/0140. REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the European Health Data Space.

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