The Importance Of Asking Yourself Why You Pursue A Goal

A study conducted at Texas A&M University, adressed the question wether asking yourself why you are pursuing a goal, produces a better or worse goal completion than asking yourself how you will pursue a goal.

182 presumably happy college students were asked to define a goal, and either think about why they would pursue that goal, or ask themselves how that goal would be achieved.

This is might be construed as either high-level or low-level goals.

What they found was that the students that were asked to define high-level goals, were both more likely to experience a higher sense of meaning while pursuing that goal. Interestingly, they also reported being more motivated to pursue their goal.

This relatively trivial detail in goal formulation, seemed to have quite important consequences regarding the quality of that goal.

Davis, W.E., Kelley, N.J., Kim, al.Motivating the academic mind: High-level construal of academic goals enhances goal meaningfulness, motivation, and self-concordance.Motiv Emot40,193–202 (2016)



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