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Zeeds Insights

We increase adherence to therapy.

A key feature of therapy is homework between sessions. This helps patients transfer skills unto the real world.

But therapists have a problem. Research suggests that 20-50% of patients don't adhere to their homework. And this significantly affects treatment outcomes.

We want to strengthen mental health treatment, by strengthening therapists ability to create change outside of the clinic.​


Administer Zeeds


Analyse the data


Increase adherence to treatment

Finally - a fun and user-friendly assignment!

We have worked hard to make Zeeds an enjoyable experience for the end user. Zeeds autonomously helps patients define their values, create behavioral plans aligned to their values, and visually rewarding change. All of this is line with modern psychological research.

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Detailed live-data

As your patient acts in line with their values - data is aggregated in your own portal - enabling you to follow up behavioral activation during treatment. 

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Seamlessly integrate Zeeds into an ongoing treatment

Our methodology lets you administer Zeeds in a structured way to the right patients, freeing up time and resources, whilst working in an evidence-based way.

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We Help You All The Way

1. Analysis

Do your clinical analysis. Our users manual defines to whom the tool works, based on psychological science.

2. Introduction

We help you introduce Zeeds in a session, so that it can be seamlessly administered as homework.

3. vision

With the help of Zeeds Insights data, you can collaboratively create a vision for your patients life during the next session.

4. action

As your patient acts in line with their values, this data can be used to collaboratively work with behavioral activation throughout therapy.

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