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Create Meaningful Habits

Zeeds helps you identify a vision for your life, so you can live as you really want. All based on psychological research.

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How it works

1. Values

Through self-reflective exercises, we identify clear values in your life.

2. Behaviors

Once your values are defined, we turn them into actionable behaviors.

3. Habits

As you act in line with your values, you grow plants in your virtual garden.

What is Zeeds?

Zeeds is an application that builds meaning in peoples lives, by helping them identify and act in line with their values . As behaviors are registered, plants grow in a virtual garden.

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Intrinsic Motivation

Many people believe that external motivation, such as money, power or status; is what motivates us the most. This is why almost all lifestyle apps are built according to point systems, or functions for social boasting. But the research is crystal clear. Intrinsic motivation leads to higher goal attainment and and more consistent patterns over time , as opposed to extrinsically motivated behaviors. Intrinsic motivation comes from knowing what is important in life, and acting on those values.

Values-Driven Change

People who consistently act in accordance with their values, feel a heightened sense of meaning in their lives. Research shows that this is associated with lower levels of anxious, and depressive symptoms. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT is a validated form of of therapy that intends to help people live more values-based lives, instead of focusing on minimizing symptoms. Zeeds is built around this theoretical framework, which is a sub-genre of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Our Users


This helped me figure out what is important in my life.


It was cool seeing how the garden grew overtime. 


I have never  seen anything like this.

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