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Make lasting change that matters.

Zeeds aligns your values with your actions through an evidence-based framework - helping you make those hard changes you know you should do.

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How it works

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Define a direction

At the beginning of your journey, Zeeds helps you define values in your life that gives you a sense of purpose and direction. 

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Take action

Based on your values and your current alignment to them, Zeeds helps you create behavioral plans that help you act according to your values.

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Learn and grow

As you start registering your new habits, plants grow in your virtual garden. Visualise your growth towards a meaningful future!

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The benefits

Manage your own wellbeing

  • Seeing a therapist can be expensive and cumbersome.

  • Zeeds lets you  take control of your mental health before things get too serious.

Make it fun

  • Change is hard and requires consistency and a certain exposure to the uncomfortable.

  • Zeeds makes for an engaging interface that helps you enjoy the process of change

An evidence-based approach

  • The app utilises the therapeutic method of valued direction from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

  • The app has been proven to achieve standalone effects on depression over 6 weeks*.

*a, M. (2021). Effects of a Valued Living Application - A Single Case Multiple Baseline Design Study (Dissertation).

Retrieved from


All personal data is encrypted according to industry standards at rest and in transit, and stored within the EU.  


Learn more about habit formation

Listen to our podcast.

Meet our therapists

Our partner-therapists are available for you, if you need additional support. They are trained to work with the app in structured treatment. You can get the app prescribed from them, or match from within the app.

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