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Easier Therapy

Zeeds makes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) easier - both for patient and therapist. By combining a gamified application with detailed data monitoring, dropouts decrease and sessions become more effective.

How it works


Our patient application makes for a uniquely enjoyable yet evidence-based assignment for the patient to use between sessions. Plants grow whilst patients register clinical parameters.

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Zeeds Portal is your therapist personal portal. Here, the application can be prescribed with the click of a button. Detailed live-data is visualized for your convenience, as patients use the app.

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Launching soon!

The Analytics page visualises your overall clinical efficiency. This helps you understand your own work.

Zeeds works in 3 simple steps

1. Read the manual

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Zeeds manual replicates evidence-based behavioral activation treatment. It includes everything you need to know to take BA from start to finish.

2. Prescribe the app

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If your patient matches the relevant profile, the app can be prescribed with the click of a button. Bank ID verification makes the experience safe and enjoyable. 

3. Monitor the portal

As the app is used between sessions, your portal visualises your patients activities. No more paperforms and no more headaches!


All personal data is encrypted according to industry standards at rest and in transit, and stored within the EU.  

Zeeds uses secure two-step verification for both

patient and psychologist.


Do you want to see how Zeeds works?

Book a demo where we demonstrate how we could help you in your practice. 


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