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Find and engage patients in psychotherapy.

Zeeds enables seamless engagement for your patients in psychotherapy.  Keep your current patients engaged and automate your marketing.

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How it works



  • Create a therapist account for free.

  •  Get listed on our website (if you want to).

  • Access two evidence-based clinical manuals adopted to administer Zeeds in  CBT or ACT treatment.

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Give your patients Zeeds

  • Administer the app to unlimited amounts of patients for free.

  • Access real-time clinical analytics in your therapist portal.

Match with users

  • List yourself to create a profile within the app.

  • Interested users can match with you.

  • You can accept a treatment request - you will then take part of their data in your portal for further treatment. 



Activate your patient

Clinical data without paperwork

An evidence-based approach

  • Zeeds application lets patients grow plants as they engage in behavioral activation over several sessions - get rid of papers and let Zeeds handle the activation.

  • As users track their activity outside of sessions - you gain real-time access to a range of datapoints in patient profiles.

  • This helps you understand your patient even before next session.

  • The app is streamlined to be administered in lines with two clinical manuals for Behavioral Activation or Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

  • The app itself has indicated standalone effects on depression over 6 weeks*.

*a, M. (2021). Effects of a Valued Living Application - A Single Case Multiple Baseline Design Study (Dissertation).

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All personal data is encrypted according to industry standards at rest and in transit, and stored within the EU.  

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Our consumer app reaches hundreds of users that are:

  • Experienced with the basics of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

  • Searching for alternatives.

When our users want professional help, we make sure they see you.

  • We promote you on our website and our social medias.

  • We list you  in the app.

It works like this


User sends a request to you.


You accept or decline the request.


If its a match, the user agrees to share their data within the app in your portal.


Only pay  when you get paid.


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