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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions we are asked. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact us as 

  • How does Zeeds work?
    The application has two main sections. In the first sections, your will perform self-reflective exercises designed to identify core values in important parts of your life. In the second section, you are able to identify and plan for behaviors that are aligned with your behaviors. As you interact with and register your behaviors, you are able to grow plants in a virtual garden. The application uses the evidence-based framework of Valued direction from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which you can read more about from this piece from the Austin Research and Mindfulness Center.
  • Is Zeeds free?
    You can use almost all functionality in the freemium plan. In Zeeds Premium, you can get full access to all functionality for just 3 USD per month.
  • How can Zeeds help me feel better?
    Zeeds uses an evidence-based method called valued direction, from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This method helps you activate your behaviors according to what you feel is important to you, which can have wide-ranging health benefits on all areas of your life. You just need to keep at it! Luckily, you can start doing it completely for free, and get help from a trained therapist within the app if you deem it necessary.
  • Who does this app suit best?
    If you feel like you lack a direction in your life, and perhaps feel that life doesn't fill you with meaning and purpose, then Zeeds is a good fit for you! If you have severe symptoms that severely impacts your ability to function in your life, then you should seek professional help at your local HCP.
  • Can I use Zeeds with a therapist?
    Yes! In Zeeds, you can match directly with a licensed healthcare provider of your choosing, directly within the app, based on your criterias. The matching is completely free, and you can share your data in therapy to help your therapist understand your feelings and behaviors. Just navigate to the menu and get started. It is important to note that therapists are not employed by Zeeds and are ultimately responsible for your care.
  • How do you store my patients data securely?
    Direct personal information is always encrypted or hashed in our database through AES 256 encryption and SHA 256 hashing, and all personal information is handled in the EU. Our database is located in Sweden. Post-treatment, all personal information is removed. For therapy users, we use secure Bank ID authentication for patients, and two-factor authentication for clinicians. You can read more in our integrity policy.
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